Why do we recruit international talent?


Today’s global business climate is tough and competitive. The recruitment industry is constantly changing to meet higher demands as companies are competing for qualified leaders and technical talent. Employer branding is more important than ever and the digitalization is redrawing the playing field.

Recruiting global talent is a great opportunity for companies to strengthen their operations and gain a competitive advantage. By hiring candidates from global companies and top universities around the world you get employees that know their local market and business culture while bringing diversity and new perspectives to your team.


When you create a diverse team, no matter how big or small, bridges are built between people and perceptions. And bridges create new opportunities. And new opportunities create growth.


We have 8 years’ experience of international recruitment for global Scandinavian companies from almost all parts of the world. One lesson learned is that every single recruitment project is a delicate process both from a business and personal point of view where all stakeholders involved need to see the same picture.


If you are recruiting for a key position and want the best possible candidate we believe that the process need to be built with your company history, values and future as the foundation. The candidates’ need to see the whole scope and get an idea of the road ahead. What will their contribution look like today, tomorrow and in 5 years?


When we recruit a great candidate for a key position it is the starting point of a chain reaction. The company and the customers will profit. The team and the people close to them will prosper. Eventually the business will grow and new bridges will be built. That’s really what it’s all about.

Lina Sahlberg, Founder

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